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Assista ao Trailer Completo da 2ª Temporada de STAR TREK: PICARD

O Paramount+ divulgou hoje o trailer completo da 2ª temporada de Star Trek: Picard, que estreia dia 3 de março nos EUA trazendo o retorno de John DeLancie como Q, da Rainha Borg, agora interpretada por Annie Wersching, e de Whoopi Goldberg como Guinan:

A série, que já foi renovada antecipadamente para a 3ª temporada, passou a ser exclusiva nos EUA do streaming Paramount+, mas no Brasil, por questões contratuais, continuará no catálogo do Amazon Prime Video.

3 comentários em “Assista ao Trailer Completo da 2ª Temporada de STAR TREK: PICARD

  1. Ormuz Rivaldo

    Eu sou mais que fã do Picard. Porém há notícias do outro capitão que é o Sheridan.
    É do 5books, por e-mail
    Reboot status as of January 19, 2022
    The pilot script has been submitted to the CW network. As soon as they approve, production will begin. The timing of this lines up with JMS’s previous prediction of the timeline: Pilot shoot early spring. Full production starting mid-summer with an air date Fall, 2022. So exciting!

    JMS Statement on the Babylon 5 Reboot
    The network understands the uniqueness of Babylon 5 and is giving me a great deal of latitude with the storytelling. As noted in the announcement, this is a reboot from the ground up rather than a continuation, for several reasons.

    Heraclitus wrote “You cannot step in the same river twice, for the river has changed, and you have changed.”

    In the years since B5, I’ve done a ton of other TV shows and movies, adding an equal number of tools to my toolbox, all of which I can bring to bear on one singular question: if I were creating Babylon 5 today, for the first time, knowing what I now know as a writer, what would it look like? How would it use all the storytelling tools and technological resources available in 2021 that were not on hand then?
    How can it be used to reflect the world in which we live, and the questions we are asking and confronting every day?

    Fans regularly point out how prescient the show was and is of our current world; it would be fun to take a shot at looking further down the road.

    So we will not be retelling the same story in the same way because of what Heraclitus said about the river. There would be no fun and no surprises. Better to go the way of Westworld or Battlestar Galactica where you take the original elements that are evergreens and put them in a blender with a ton of new, challenging ideas, to create something fresh yet familiar.

    To those asking why not just do a continuation, for a network series like this, it can’t be done because over half our cast are still stubbornly on the other side of the Rim.

    How do you telling continuing story of our original Londo without the original Vir? Or G’Kar? How do you tell Sheridan’s story without Delenn? Or the story of B5 without Franklin? Garibaldi? Zack?

    The original Babylon 5 was ridiculously innovative: the first to use CGI to create ships and characters, and among the very first to shoot widescreen with a vigorous 5.1 mix. Most of all, for the first time, Babylon 5 introduced viewers accustomed to episodic television to the concept of a five-year arc with a pre-planned beginning, middle and end…creating a brand new paradigm for television storytelling that has subsequently become the norm.

    That tradition for innovation will continue in this new iteration, and I hope to create additional new forms of storytelling that will further push the television medium to the edge of what’s possible.

    Let me conclude by just saying how supportive and enthusiastic everyone at the CW has been and is being with this project. They understand the unique position Babylon 5 occupies both in television and with its legions of fans, and are doing everything they can to ensure the maximum in creative freedom, a new story that will bring in new viewers while honoring all that has come before.


  2. Ormuz Rivaldo

    Desnecessário reafirmar ser fã do excelente trabalho do e da equipe do Scifibr. Prossigam.


    • Obrigado pelo apoio Ormuz. Quanto ao o reboot de B5, o que preocupa é que há rumores que a possível venda do canal CW poderá levar ao engavetamento do projeto. Oremos.


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